Daily Purpose Plan


How to Tame Your To-Do List and Find More Joy and Meaning in Your Everyday Life

(Even if you have a family, a 9-to-5 and no clue where to start)  

You'll get FREE access to the daily exercise I created to help you cut through the mental clutter and make more time for the work (and people) you love.  

Plus, I'm sharing the game-changing strategy I use with all my coaching clients to help them ditch the distractions and rediscover joy and meaning in their everyday lives.

In this exercise you'll learn how to:

  • Tackle Your To-Do List: Organize your task list, prioritize your meaningful work and eliminate the non-essential so you're able to get more of the right things done each day.  
  • Identify Your Next Right Move: Harness the power of intention and begin taking small, meaningful steps in the direction of the creative work you're most passionate about.  
  • Silence Your Inner Chicken Little: Learn how to overcome the crippling fear and nagging doubt that's holding you back from making your highest contribution.

And who am I, anyway?

Hi, I'm Lindsay!  

Life Coach. Enlightenment Junkie. Sweatpants Enthusiast. Creator of Enlight Bites.

I teach busy people how to cut through the chaos, make time and space for their passions and use their unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.  

I spent years as a business and communications coach for corporate clients before trading in my 9-to-5 for a true “life of leisure.” And by “life of leisure” I mean building a personal coaching biz from the ground up while simultaneously kissing boo boo’s, supervising science fair projects and keeping my three young children from impaling themselves on pointy objects and licking the bottoms of their own shoes.  

For years I struggled with stress, overwhelm and a million competing "priorities" that somehow managed to suck all the joy out of what should have been a very gratifying existence. The thing was: I didn't just want a full life, I wanted a meaningful one. To find it, I knew I'd need some kind of roadmap that I could revisit on the daily (sort of like the kind I spent my entire professional life developing for companies). So I created the Daily Purpose Plan.  

I did it for me. I did it for you. I did it for all of us world-weary travelers who are just so dang tired of settling for a life that doesn't fill our cup.  

And do you want to know what it taught me?  

My life's greatest passion is helping you find yours.  

What do you say?